The Student Midwife's GPS is your step-by-step guide to completing our Midwifery Certificate Program. Each student receives a personalized plan for completion of the certificate program, based on her indvidual past experience and prior learning.

To the right is an example of a basic plan that will be personalized for the student.

The application process includes an evaluation of the prospective applicant's life experience, past educational experience, and other modes of prior learning for which the applicant may be granted credit or advanced standing.

Once the applicant is accepted, the Midwifery School will create a personalized Midwifery GPS for her, outlining exactly what the student will need to do in order to complete the requirements for a certificate. The student and the School will then mutually decide on target dates for completion of requirements. While these dates are flexible, to allow for unexpected life circumstances, setting goals for completion of requirements helps the student remain on track, making steady progress toward her goals.


1. Submit an application to Midwifery
School of the Rockies.

2. Receive letter of acceptance and
preparatory information packet along
with a personalized Midwifery GPS.

3. Download information and
syllabus for your student midwife
cohort group.

4. Establish a preceptor contract or
develop a plan for hands-on
training by attending intensives.

5. Progress through course curriculum
and skills checklists.

6. Upon completion of all coursework
and skills checklists, take
comprehensive exams.

7. Apply to sit for the NARM exam.

8. Apply for and receive state
credentialing. Launch your practice!